Tanith Lee dies


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Dec 23, 2013
Very sorry to hear about this, I have not read a lot of her work, but what I have read I've enjoyed greatly.
In the dim and distant past (1980s) the BBC put on a play of hers.
It was called "The Silver Sky", and very good it was too, very original.
I'm sure she will be greatly missed.
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Feb 1, 2014
I only learned of Tanith Lee's death last week on my annual visit to Forbidden Planet bookshop in London. I don't know of anyone who compares with her. My first reading of "The Birthgrave" prompted me to abandon the Fantasy Fiction trilogy I'd been working on, and start again from scratch on something completely different. She was the first modern fantasy author I'd read whose imagined worlds and their inhabitants had that authentically alien, dark, harsh quality, rather than being 20th century Californians in fancy dress. The fact that she had come to be regarded as unpublishable says EVERYTHING about the world of publishing today. And I so admire the fact that despite this she never stopped writing, right up until her death.

Teresa Edgerton

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Nov 1, 2004
She did not let the shameful neglect of the larger publishers stop her from continuing to write and publish, and had planned several themed collections of her short fiction to be published by Immanion Press. According to Storm Constantine at Immanion, Ms. Lee's husband, John Kaiine, wishes for these projects to go forward. She was amazingly prolific so I am guessing there will be several of these collections. (The first of them was just published. It's called Legenda Maris.) Even though she is gone, we can look forward to these continuing gifts.


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Apr 1, 2007
When i read about this new i was sad and shocked.

I admire her writing, her beautiful prose, weird imagination greatly. It was great knowing she has been writing for so long. You wish your fav authors can be live to be a 100. Sad for her family but to me she is around in my memory and a honored place among one of her fav authors Jack Vance in my bookshelves.

I hated the publshing world of SFF that i couldnt find many of her books in new printing.