The Flash S123 Fast Enough


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Jun 25, 2014
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Without a metahuman of the week to stop they spent way too much time in this episode just talking. I did like the foreshadowing to Cisco becoming Vibe. Barry unmasking in front of Nora was actually pretty touching and I was surprised by his choice not to save her. Great seeing Jay Garrick's helmet show up and I wonder if he'll be from the past or from Earth 2. Was not expecting Eddie to shoot himself to stop Reverse Flash. I will miss Tom Cavanagh as his performances this season have been fantastic. I thought the CGI at the end looked great. Awesome cliff hanger I can't wait for season 2!

K.S. Crooks

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Oct 26, 2014
I hope Jay Garrick makes an appearance next season. It would be interesting if the try to build the Flash Family with Jay, Wally West, Johnny or Jesse Quick, though it would be hard to have Wally be Iris' nephew if she doesn't have a sibling. We also need to see how Eddie killing himself alters the past and present since it affects the life of Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash, Barry and everyone else there.


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Aug 7, 2011
It's just about as bad as when OUTLANDER left us hanging mid-season last winter (they only showed the second half of the season this Spring).

I think the last time I enjoyed the first season of a show as much as this was probably The X-Files, cos it grabbed me from the start and didn't let up. That finale was amazing . . .

the cliffhanger was right up there with Locutus of Borg and Mulder in the boxcar for me. Definitely a 'Holy ****! how dare they do this to me!!!' moment in this house

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Loved the way that the consequences of going back to save his mother were debated. But...but...after all that, Barry didn't?! Do not understand that at all.

Eddie killed himself? Interesting move - one I suggested he could do before. But in doing so, by Thrawn no longer existing, that means Barry's mum was never killed in the first place, in which case, he wouldn't become the Flash for another 5 years, which means that Eddie wouldn't have known to kill himself, and Wells would have been the real Wells and not Thrawn, which means none of this would ever had happened....

I guess that's why the singularity appeared - because they've stepped into a whole load of time continuity problems?

The wedding - only served to slow the episode down so that it couldn't finish at the end.

The end - stopped in the middle of the action? No, that's not fair. Wasn't really interested in watching Season 2 because it's a bit too young compared to the Arrow, so I guess they did the cliffhanger to try and keep people on board. Not just to see what happens next, but the consequences of all this timey-wimey business.

Best line: Cisco - "May the speed force be with you."

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