POI: 4.22: YHWH


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May 6, 2013
(Note for Mod), I put the wrong number it the title. Should be 4.22. Couldn't figure out how to alter it.)

Season finale.

I think my feels broke into a million pieces.

Didn't think they could top the musical montage last season at the end. But they did.
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I loved it and I feel a bit sad for hearing news that the Person of Interest is on the cancellation list. I truly hope it doesn't happen because POI deserves another season, or a spin-off series where all main characters live if POI concept doesn't work any more. I don't see how it can, unless Harold manages to build whole new machine over the summer season. But even then the world is owned by Samaritan.

It holds most of the strings. And it can pull them when ever it needs to. It can doom people, or offer them salvation. In other words Samaritan is a god.

Well, maybe not a real one, but one as close to the real one we can possibly build in our lifetime. The Machine is same. But we also heard Harold calling The Machine with other name, William.

Somebody clever enough might be able to do that, but before get to it, it's locked somewhere in Nolan's head. Hopefully the people holding POI's future in their hands sees the potential of this incredible series. There just isn't another one like it.

HOLY S**T! If POI is canceled, it sure as hell went out in a blaze of glory.

I'll never hear that Pink Floyd track again without visualizing this finale.
Yeah, they haven't announced anything that I know of. They'd be damn fools to cancel it on this episode. And I'm not sure why it's on the cancellation list? Last I saw on Zapit (5/5/2015) they had a 100% prediction for renewal?
If they would ask me they could cancel some of the CSI shows and renew this for at least two seasons. But the reason I'm flagging this is because they have reached kind of ending we usually see with brilliant shows, and CBS hasn't said yes for another season even though I'm pretty sure executives have seen all of the episodes before hand.
I think CBS is really to blame on a lot of these numbers. Switching the show to another night is usually never a good move.

Furthermore, at least here in the US, CBS considers it self that "special" network that doesn't allow its episodes on Hulu or whatnot for online access. The way folks get brought into many shows is through binge-watching to catch up. It took them 6 years to get the Good Wife on Amazon Prime, for example.

I don't see them cancelling--not like this. But who knows. Were I a Netflix exec, I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. Or, SyFy.
Well, Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix, so not that far behind. I'm currently going through 5 Seasons of Fringe and 4 of Grimm.

I honestly didn't realise that was the final episode of the Season. They cannot end it like that!

I was partially correct about the Machine's location being dispersed. However, rather than it being within the unused memory of a number of Servers, it was 'living' in the copper cables of the mains electricity grid. Did any one else not find that too much X-Files/Fringe-like? And there just happened to be a working and plugged in fax machine and phone line in that disused office, or a working telephone behind the brick wall? That scene was almost Matrix-like! And Finch and Root keep a sledge hammer in the cupboard! Because you never know when you might want to knock a wall down!
Think of the data you can get from a tiny phone line on dialup, and then imagine the high voltage power lines data capacity. Using the whole US grid would give the Machine a lot of capability.
What a finale, just so much happened. Dominic and Elias getting shot, the Machine rescued, Pink Floyd. They better not cancel the show. A lot of series would drool over 8 million viewers.
Just checked and it was the number 18 prime time show last week, viewer wise.
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Fears of cancellation have overpowered the depth I saw in this episode.

The conversation Finch had with The Machine was touching and revealing. It reminded me of the final words Data had with Lal, the dying daughter he created in “The Offspring” (ST:TNG 3.16), in which she thanked him for her life.

Finch was addressed as “Father,” not “Admin.” The Machine's apology for failure, questioning her/his/its life purpose and thanking Finch for creating it showed how much it has evolved beyond hardware circuits, programming code and a Boolean algebraic perception of the world. The Machine has become, as Mr. Spock might have observed, illogical – not unlike the humans it protects.

A whole lot of gray was stirred up in Greer's assertion that Samaritan is the Good Guy in the AI battle. The current condition of the world makes it hard to deny that Humanity needs an angry, Old Testament-style Yahweh ready, willing and able to smite all who offend it with corrective action. On the other side is the Machine, allowing Humanity to have free will up the point where it must intervene. This offers plenty of philosophical separation for continuing conflict.

If CBS had definite plans to ax POI, it had a perfect opportunity to end it all in the hail of Samaritan bullets Finch, Reese and Root faced (and would probably not have survived in reality) as the episode ended. The door was left open to what could be an incredible fourth season.

I'll hang on to the hope that this was not a series finale.
I do too! I just hope it's not proven wrong!

It deserves one, awesome last season. The show has done incredibly well at closing narrative circles and bringing characters back from prior seasons/episodes. Most shows let these things hang and forget them, but this one seems to remember things from the very first season. Which I like. Only other show to do that (off the top of my head) is Babylon 5.
I know! I'm so excited! We're going to Comic Con this year (in Denver) and Amy Acker will be there (Root). I will definitely be getting that autograph.
Up to the last few posts I was so upset, reading for the first time that maybe POI was to be canceled. And then in the last 3 posts my faith to ... the machine was restored :p Even if it is for a truncated season at least it won't be finished like that! It is if not the greatest show playing at this time one of the top 5 in my opinion!