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Paperback or ebooks?


Dec 10, 2012
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I still love the paper; however as of late I have a lot of e-books and 4 kindle devices and have found that my reading and comprehension is sometimes much better on the device. Plus there is an advantage to marking an entering notes to use when reviewing.

However when it comes to traditionally published novels it takes an unusual situation to get me to buy an e-book. The reason for this is that the traditional publishers usually charge at least as much as they do for the paper edition. So, unless they reduce that price for a bit or they tie it to a purchase of a paper-bound book I usually just wait till the paperback or even the hardback go on sale and often get those for less than the price of the e-book.

E-books are not that much of a convenience except if you want that book to read today instead of two days from now or having to wait until the local brick and mortar has it in.

I have on occasion purchase a full priced E-book from traditional authors when there are no hard copies--generally those are newer authors and from the sound of things many of those traditional publishers have begun to back away from that segment of publishing. My guess is that for that group they priced themselves out of the market while trying to grab the lions share from something that looked like easy pickings.


Senior Member
Jan 2, 2008
I'm 90% paperback these days with maybe 10% ebooks - the latter being fairly recent. I've found eBooks a bit of a pain - well Kindle eBooks - as we use Linux so it's either read online - and we have intermittent outages on our rural connection or boot up an elderly laptop with windows and download - but that laptop is nearly dead. However recently bought a touchscreen phone as a mobile phone replacement and that can download Kindle ebooks and I'm finding it rather useful. Just a small screen relative to a paperback, but used landscape it is OK - and it has the advantage that if I'm stuck waiting somewhere I can just carry on reading a book without having a paperback in my pocket. Also last year we not only ran out of book shelf space, we are out of wall space where it is sensible to put in a new bookshelf. Am about to do a little culling, but it won't be all that many.
eBooks also have the advantage with thicker books of not having the weight to hold up - have tendonitis problems at the moment. Hands OK for typing for a while, not fine for holding heavy things in a fixed position. Did a re-read of Codex Alera earlier this year and made my hands ache.
Downside on the phone eBook reader is guessing exactly where the page flip point is - very closely positioned and sensitive - and every so often it jumps a page back or forward that I didn't intend, putting in Bookmarks is extra sensitive. Also no use for putting open over my face when I feel like dozing in the sun. Just isn't big enough and slides off.
Price wise I still tend to the cheapest - and no I am not paying £9.99 for a Kindle book.

If I started a series in paperback, I'm finishing buying it in paperback as I want the complete set on the shelves. (And still can't believe that at times a Kindle copy is more expensive than a paperback....seriously....)


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Nov 6, 2008
I'm finding myself dragged towards the ebook now. Don't get me wrong, I love a physical book, but they take up a lot of room and let's be honest, we'll most likely read those books once anyway. I'll only buy physical copies of books that I have enjoyed very much, or those from my favourite authors. I also like the immediacy and convenience of the ebook. If I want it, I'll simply download it.

Buying physical books is mostly done through Amazon now and I think their packaging is a massive waste. (I'd even go as far as to say it's so wasteful, its an environmental issue waiting to happen.)

Battery life on these devices are getting better and better, so the power issue is becoming moot.