Kraxon Magazine third special submission window


Feb 12, 2007
Kraxon Magazine special submission window

This is the third special submission window for 2015.
  • Genre - Science Fiction
  • Theme - Exploration of a planet
  • Word count - 1,500
  • Payment - £45
  • Publication date - 8th July 2015
  • Submission Window - 2nd May 2015 to 20th May 2015
All details on the submissions page

The General Submission window is also still open.

Any questions?
A spark of an idea is always good :) And I haven't given you any heads up on this one.:whistle: We're in the window now!:sneaky:
It does sound cool. Ill see if I can have a go at at too.
I got an idea for this on the weekend and have half a story so far. I hope to finish it in time to submit
I have a story written but I'm not sure it fits as well as you'd like. It took control of itself and kind of turned into something different than intended.

I will stew on it, and maybe try to work something else out this weekend. If not I may still sub this one to you.
I got a new idea. I think this one will be better suited to the call. Hope I can get it done!

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