Has Hollywood become too Dependent On Blockbuster films?


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Apr 24, 2017
It is like politics. You know how we keep getting politicians who serve special interests and not the public? The movie business is like that. They are beyond supply and demand considerations. Look how many franchise remakes we get--how many Batmans in the last few years. This has zero to do with audience demand. Zero. It is all about the tastes of the executives and not having to worry about competition. It's no longer a merit-based thing. And to add to the lunacy, at the same time they claim to cater to audiences in the West, they want to cater to audiences in China. You cannot make films that appease two different cultural identities. This has never been attempted in the history of the world in art. It's a new phenomenon. It is corporate-controlled and artistically stifling. It wasn't like that in the 1960s. The big studios were pretty stale but all the money was being made by the B movies and international indies. Hammer, Toho, AIP, Italian genre film etc.
The problem today is that you have a handful of giant corporations who control all the gates and media advertising. Guaranteed that if it went back to the old supply and demand system, the quality would miraculously improve. Movies today are made by hedge fund managers, not artists.

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