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I'm currently stuck at home with an injured foot and Ireland's a bit of a long way away, so I won't be able to come along to anything. But good luck with everything. You're certainly putting the work in.

I would ask one question. You're writing much darker stuff than me, from the sounds of it. One of the advantages I've had at signings is that I can effectively say "Aw, come on, it's a laugh!", which works surprisingly well. Is it harder to sell books "cold" to people when the subject matter is more serious?

You're excused (this time ;) -and I hope the foot gets better :)

I think, in this era of grimdark, it's not too hard a sell. Also, in terms of darkness - it's there for story reasons and that's partly to invert some of the trope, and people are open to that (or they were today).
But there's loads that's escapist in mine, too - space pursuits and some humour, so I made sure I mentioned that, too.

But with an opening line of "like a grimdark Space Opera" people who were interested stopped, those who wanted something lighter wandered on with a smile and a thanks.
ask_me_about_my_book_no_really-r346b5a67870647b88994839ff13f3c0f_8naz3_512.jpg Upgrade your business card lanyard ;) (this one is from zazzle - but Red Bubble has a few "Ice Breakers" too.) I'm glad to hear it went well though!
Just a quickie - tomorrow night, Thurs 14th May, I'm in Waterstones Belfast at 7pm for Abendau's Heir's official launch. I'll be doing a short reading, and signing, and chatting. The fantastic Emerald Garrison, a Star Wars cosplay society will be there, and there'll be refreshments. It's getting a bit of a buzz and will hopefully be good craic. Anyone who's around would be very welcome!

(My status describes where I'm at with it currently! ;) )
I've just had a wonderful evening in Waterstones in Belfast at Jo's book launch. Her reading (prologue) was great - you'd swear she's been doing it all her life

There was a great turnout and the atmosphere was brilliant. We had a selection of science fiction characters in costume and I got my picture taken with Scottie from Star Trek, but someone had forewarned the stormtroopers and I couldn't corner any to flirt with.

I'm sure Jo has better photos because there were real photographers there and her family were snapping away too, but here is one I took of her doing her reading:

Whew. Wow. Firstly, a massive, massive hug to @chrispenycate for his blog tips. I used lots of his tricks and felt more confident. And to @Kerrybuchanan for coming and for introducing me to writer friends, and for entertaining my kids.

It went really well. Lots of interest and buzz, books sold. One person drove from Dublin up to get a signed copy - he was planning to buy it on line - and we had a great chat about Star Wars and how dark space opera can go.

My reading went well, I'm told. I was nervous but my lecturing/tour guiding took over and I went for it. The prologue worked well, I think, and we had a wee laugh at me saying bitch in front of my twn year old (mummy swore....)

In all, a successful launch. The Emerald Garrison were great, Waterstones were really supportive, it all went well.
Great news! Well done, Jo :D What an awesome event.

I would've been a quivering wreck if it had been me.

It must have been great to be there to support, Kerry. :)
Glad it went so well :)

Don't forget to share your own tips and tricks.

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