The Flash S120 The Trap


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Jun 25, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
Love that Barry, Cisco and Caitlin finally discovered Dr. Wells is the Reserve Flash. Cisco geeking out was kind of funny especially him dropping another Back to the Future reference. I really do hope they update Barry's costume because the future version looks so much better. Surprised to learn that Barry created Gideon in the future and I thought it was cool Gideon nearly name dropped the Justice League. I'm hoping that Cisco remembering the alternate timeline has something to do with his powers from the comics. Interesting use of The Flash's powers during the fire rescue scene. Tom Cavanagh gives a great performance in this episode super creepy. Wasn't expecting him use Hannibal Bates like that but nice call back to last week. Iris finally knows Barry is The Flash. I'm really excited about Grodd next week.

K.S. Crooks

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Oct 26, 2014
I wonder what Wells will do in his attempts to further Barry's development since he cannot work with him any longer. Though I wonder if Barry is I a difficult situation will he still be willing to take Well's advice if he contact him. The first syllable reference to the Justice League was great as well as the notion that Infinite Crisis will happen, though not during this series. This version of Grodd doesn't seem to have the same back story as the comics. Hopefully they will give us a look at his origin.

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Loved the ending of the last episode, when they stumbled into Wells's secret room, and the continuation of that here.

Iris figuring out who the Flash was by way of a static electricity discharge was a little weak - but otherwise a great all-round episode with a ton of tension. :)

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