Arrow S222 - Streets of Fire

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002

As Slade's men continue to terrorize the city, Felicity joins Diggle and hits Isabel with a van so he can escape, and Malcolm Merlyn returns to the city to save Thea. S.T.A.R. Labs successfully makes a cure for the Mirakuru, but Slade sends men to acquire it before Oliver. Finally trusting Lance, the police force pledges to help the Arrow stop Slade's men and Quentin is re-promoted to detective to lead the other officers. Slade reveals to Blood that he plans to destroy the entire city, people and all, in his quest for vengeance against Oliver. As a result, Blood steals the cure and gives it to Oliver in return for help saving the city. For his betrayal, Slade has Isabel kill Blood. Oliver tests the cure on Roy after Amanda Waller reveals that she intends to bomb the city at dawn to prevent Slade's men from attacking the rest of the country. In flashbacks, Oliver boards the Amazo to rescue Sara, after she was captured by Slade, with specific orders for Anatoli to destroy the ship if they do not return within an hour. However, they are both captured by Slade.

A lot of drama - as expected in this one.

Confused as to why Malcolm Merlyn only now appears - and then why Thea shoots him.

A lot of convenient drama, though - only the chief of police can call in the National Guard? And an American Intelligence unit plans to obliterate an entire American city? That's getting a bit daft. Can understand why the writers would want to put it in, though...

Everyone seems to be dying as well - except the main cast. Though there's still the suggestion that Sarah might die - the house fire scene seemed to tease of it happening there.

Even still, looking forward to the concluding episode.