Thunderbirds Are Go S101 - Ring of Fire

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
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This was a nicely done episode overall, that aimed to show off the full range of characters, their skills, and their Thunderbird craft. There was drama and excitement, and some humour, too. Even a little intrigue towards the end.

The opening theme tune was a good revision of the original, and I did like the way we got the countdown with every ship taking off.

The CGI is a little stiff, but it's plainly set up to mimic the original Thunderbirds 60's, though sometimes the sets and props looked a little too small, though that may have been intentional. Additionally, notice the hat-tip to Stingray when they showed the TV clip from the satellite, near the start?

Good cast overall - the original characters now shaken up, with additional female characters (Kayo and grandma), and not everyone is white, either. It looks like a good mix of personalities and skills.

Overall, yes, this is a TV show aimed at children, but the first episode at least I found very enjoyable for the nostalgia value. The first episode packed in a huge amount, and while it has - inevitably - been updated for a new audience 50 years later, the current reboot appears to have retained all the spirit of the original, albeit with faster pacing.

The only real negative is that the ITV Player streaming didn't appear to be HD when played through the PS3.

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Jun 6, 2006
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Great - ITV player doesn't recognise my password (again !), then it won't play on ITV Player because I'm in the wrong region, then STV player won't recognise my password.

At least BBC iPlayer just lets you watch or not.


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Mar 23, 2015
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I loved the Thunderbirds as a kid.....! It was right up there with Joe 90 and Singray....amazing puppetry and engrossing stories. I'll have to check out the link you sent through.....I just hope that they haven't stuffed up the characters with too much CGI.

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