Pronunciation of Kare?

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Not one for No to answer yet - I just wondered how other readers of Abendau imagine the pronunciation of Kare?

Personally I hear something like "car - ray".

Any other suggestions, or do you all agree with me? ;)
I waffled back and forth between "care" and "car", despite knowing that the author's intent was otherwise. :D
I always thought it was "care" and I still pronounce it that way in my mind, even though, like TDZ, I know that isn't right.
Kaar-re?, almost like Carry?

Me too. With a slightly softer, almost "kh" to the beginning. I'm pretty sure that's the pronunciation Jo wanted in the first place, but then she came across an old copy of the Steve Jackson choose-your-own-adventure book, "Khare, Cityport of Traps" and decided the legal risks were too great. After all, Steve Jackson went on to create G.U.R.P.S., so he's not someone you'd want to mess with. Even so, I'm a bit disappointed Jo didn't elect to stand up for herself.
I'm just listening in my memory how people 5min from where she lives talked in 1970s (when I left).
If I hadn't moved, I'd be able to take her congratulatory cake. Was 40 years ago this year.
But that's how Jo says "care", so I think it as "Care"... Yeah. What Mouse said.
Goodness. My system says "This video is private." What are you doing in it, Jo? Is this the one where you lick the books?

EDIT: Oh, that's better. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Now. Is it Kah-ria or Kay-ria or Kurria?
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Oooops' default settings with the kids...

The first one, a harsh Ka.

But, you know, I really don't care how people pronounce them all. It's almost certainly better than how I do....:D
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I'm always right, best just to go with it. :D

Kah-ria. (Lichio can only be pronounced one way, surely?) What about Ealyn? (Ee-lyn)
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Even though I know how Kare should be pronounced, I always hear Care in my head. But not once, did I connect it to the spelling - Care. It was just the name Kare.

I guess Lichio could have a soft, Scottishy ch as is loch or bach, but I never heard it that way.

Lich-ee-oh, right?

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