Abendau's Heir is published.

Gary Compton

I miss you, wor kid.
Jul 8, 2007
Well after all the work AH is on Amazon UK or Amazon US. Just waiting for them to add "Look Inside," and paperback should follow in a day or so.

TBP stock has been ordered so anyone who ordered on our website will get prob beginning of next week.

Free ebooks being emailed tomorrow.

Alot of ebook sales already so come on support your friend and fellow writer. We need to make this a massive success!
Congrats, Jo [and Gary] :)
It's on my Kindle now, and at the top of my TBR list. :)

It's unlikely to be devoured quickly. I'm not sure how much reading time I'll be getting at Eastercon this... er... Easter, but my expectation, based on my experience at Eastercon 2012, is 'not much'.
Congratulations all!! Just bought this for Kindle from Amazon US. I'll read it on the Kindle Cloud Reader...I've peeked inside, and read ahead just a bit--it seems wonderful! It's first on my TBR list, and also first in my Cloud Library, and sits right next to The Two Towers! The first three authors in my Reader are Zebedee, Tolkien & Vonnegut! That's pretty cool! :)

I bought this for Kindle so I can leave a review at Amazon...I'm not aces at reviews, but I'll try to write a decent one. I should be starting the book on Thursday--it's all very exciting! (The acknowledgements sound just like springs to me.:)) Yays all around!!
Gotta love Amazon. I went in to have a peek at how it looked online and when I typed in Abendaus Heir they asked if I meant Abendaus Hair. Um, no. I'm sure everyone has lovely hair and all, but not what I'm looking for. Although that might make a great companion book! "Abendau's Hair: space fashion" :D
I went to amazon (the US version) and once I had abendau's spelled correctly (sigh!) I popped right to the right spot. I noted that it was also an Amazon Unlimited selection, so I double dipped. :)
Sorry I've taken all day to respond - I've been in an all day training session and seeing facebook and twitter and here building up! Thanks to everyone and I hope, those who buy it, that you enjoy it. I'm moderately terrified now it's out. :)

For those with the preorders - stock is en route to me for signing and I'll get them turned around and out quickly. :)

You're all amazing.

Edit - I love the hair companion. I shall start work immediately. :D

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