Arrow S212 - Tremors

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Ben Turner escapes from prison with assistance from Milo Armitage, who also pays him $10 million to steal a prototype of Malcolm Merlyn's earthquake device. Arrow tries to teach Roy self-control, but Roy loses control during a mission and Turner manages to escape with the device. Arrow tracks down the device and is forced to reveal his identity to Roy in order to get his help in destroying the device. Meanwhile, Laurel learns that she may be disbarred because of her addiction and spirals further out of control. In addition, Moira agrees to run for mayor against Sebastian and Amanda Waller propositions Turner to commute his sentence in exchange for him joining a "squad" she is forming. In flashbacks, Oliver struggles with the guilt of letting Shado die and stops Slade from destroying Ivo's freighter with Fyers' missile launcher.

A clever double-meaning in the title, that we used to have more of - this time referring to both the earthquake machine, and Laurel's descent into addiction.

Oh - and "Ben Turner" as a criminal's name? That's low. (When spoken it sounds like "bent earner" - which is why my wife protested like mad when I originally suggested calling our eldest child, if a boy, Benedict. Or, at least, one of the reasons - the name wasn't seen as so cool then!)


Good story development with Laurel - only they forgot to mention "killed a guy" in her list of recent traumas (specifically last episode, after being kidnapped). Good to see her resist attempts to bring her to a support group, which is entirely in line with the tragic nature of denial in addition.

Interesting tension with Roy's development. It was idiotic to take Roy on a mission, but the end, when Oliver revealed his secret identity, was well done. However, I am surprised that no one mentioned "Huntress" at this point, not least because Oliver also was on a crusade then to turn an angry person into a potential hero...

The part where Moira is suggested as a mayoral candidate sounded idiotic at first - but the mention of "everyone loves a redemption story" persuaded me otherwise, and it looks like they're going to really bring this home - that she's looking to right her wrongs by rebuilding the city.

Somewhat concerned about the last references to keeping a doctor quiet, though, on Thea's paternity - was almost made to be sinister, which while believable with Moira, would be sad to see with Malcolm.

Overall, an interesting episode, not least because we're re-engaging with the main story arcs properly again.

Oh - at the end - Sarah again!

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