Abendau's Heir - 20,380 minutes and counting...

Gary Compton

I miss you, wor kid.
Jul 8, 2007
Okay the wonderful editorial team have finished with the story so grateful thanks to Teresa Edgerton and Sam Primeau. To celebrate the ticking clock we have an offer.

Up to publication date of 31st March, if you buy the paperback on the TBP website, you get the book signed and...

...you get a FREE ebook.

Make your choice of format on the products page which you can go to by clicking here.

Right on, I didn't want to have to wait for the paperback to read it!
I shall dance in it. :)

And to second what Gary said - Teresa and Sam (our blushing Dusty Zebra) have done an amazing job. I am stunned by how much they've added and how professional it feels.

And I'm so pleased with the offer - @Cat's Cradle won't need to buy two books now. :) And those across the Big Drink of an Ocean don't have to wait. Wins all round. :) nice job, Gary.
:) Oh, so exciting! That is an amazing cover! Springs, how can you take the excitement?? (I would, btw, gladly have purchased the ebook too...but I will not complain about receiving it for no extra cost!)

I'm truly looking forward to reading this springs..may it be a huge success! :)
:) (Maybe, then, I'll still buy the ebook. 'Support' is an important word!)

Gary and Teresa and Dusty, forgive me...congratulations to all of you, as well. Clearly a team effort here, and we're all pulling for a huge success for Abendau's Heir. This really is amazing! :)
Very much a team effort - I'll always take author's names on the front of a book as such from now onwards. Thanks, Cat. Fortunately I'm very busy with work and kids and the book which doesn't give too much room for nerves!
This is a good idea.

And the Irish Sea isn't that big, Springs.
Just put in my order:)
I've been looking forward to this for a long time. I know nothing about the book besides the title and it's space opera. When I first saw the title on here years ago, presumably before it got picked up by you guys, (I think actually it was 'Sunset over Abendau' that grabbed and stayed with me most) I genuinly googled the name to find out if it was a real place, because I liked the word so much I wanted to use it in something. Was quite disheartened when I realised I couldn't :p

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