Gotham S118 Everyone Has a Cobblepot


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Jun 25, 2014
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Fish getting a new eye from Dollmaker was unexpected but again ridiculous. Also unexpected Bullock testifying to release Flass. I did like Gordon and Dent teaming up against police corruption. Jeffrey Combs' being revealed as hodgepodge of body parts like some Frankenstein monster had me dying of laughter. The old couple were kind of funny as well.
I had to look up Dollmaker because I have never seen that character before, and it happens to be that mostly nobody seems to remember that Dollmaker appeared earlier in the season. He was the unseen boss for the child kidnapping ring, which Gordon and Bullock dismantled quite conveniently. But now I wish they would had somehow followed the trail and caught the sick ******* in action, because what he did to the former supervisor wasn't nice by anyone imagination.

In fact whole island setup is somewhat horrible, but it makes me think that the hospital cannot be far from the mainland or else they would have trouble getting food and other supplies to place. Not talking about patients. However what he can do with body parts is amazing. It's something we haven't achieved, and won't be able for sometime even if that one doctor threatens to do a full body transplant to some poor bastards head.

On the other side of the coin we saw Gordon chasing a somewhat normal criminal instead of focusing on some upcoming super villain, and for a moment when they entered old people's home, I thought they were going to get poisoned by endless supply of tea and biscuits. But that didn't happen because grandma pulled out a shotgun and became instantly a character we have seen in so many films and settings. So we were in luck that Penguin saved the last shell to end this cliché.

What I don't understand in Bruce Wayne is why is he such a wimp? In one hand he can walk in the boardroom and accuse them for being naughty, but in the other hand, he doesn't want to show that side when Kylie walks into the room. What is he thinking?
Jada Smith will be leaving the show, which makes me wonder how this will affect the story arc.
Fish Mooney is one of the few characters created by the show, giving them full reign over what happens to her. She could have even worked her way into the comics the way Harlequin did from Batman the Animated Series or John Diggle from Arrow. Having a character who they can totally control their destiny may be a void that needs filling.
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I'd already read that news, but it's a shame it wasn't kept secret. Knowing that she'll be offed makes this whole side-story even less relevant
Shame we have to wait over a month for the next episode :(
Bruce Wayne is why is he such a wimp?
I think they want to show a much slower movement of young Bruce to become the bat. The series is probably over when he dons the mask and cape, so they either keep him as a kid for longer, or it turns into a Smallville-esque affair where he is the bat in all but name?
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