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Jun 25, 2014
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The Red Hood gang and Dollmaker. Great to see both David O'Hara and Jeffrey Combs show up. I like getting a window into Alfred's past and am interested in seeing more of Bruce's training. Fish gouging her own eye out with a spoon was just over the top ridiculous even for this show. I was not expecting Reggie to stab Alfred or the reveal that Reggie was working for the Wayne Enterprise board of directors.
Fish gouging her own eye out with a spoon was just over the top ridiculous even for this show.

Agreed. We had that, several robbers killing each other with the final one being hit by cannonballs bringing out multiple geysers of blood, Alfred getting stabbed by his "friend", and even Selina clawing Barbara after a fashion - an episode in which the "light and happy" thread was brain-mutilated Butch and conniving Penguin stealing booze. And no Morena Baccarin!

This episode was just a little too unrelievedly bleak, punctuated only by ludicrous gore, for even me.

And, really, the whole thing with Fish has never made any sense. She flees Gotham, is captured by who-knows, kills the top-dog, a single knife holds off dozens of people, her inspirational tactics of having one of her "family" get killed by the rest is good tactics, she trades herself for a worker nit-wit like he's so valuable, they're ready to kill her or take her eyes, she gouges out an eye... so now she has the upper hand? That's all just really nonsensical. I was willing to let it go for awhile to see how it played out and they may yet overcome the junk to make it a net gain but I doubt it and I'm rapidly tiring of it.

Still, they could go back to the other story lines as they were being handled before and the show could be fine. But I'm getting worried that their idea of turning up the volume is my idea of messing things up. This show was walking the razor wire of the comical and serious and is falling off. Go back to the balloon guy and the bone/calcium guy. I mean, sometimes stuff like the sacrifice guy and the phobia guy works okay but this didn't.
Good lord, I laughed hard for over a minute when she gouged out her eye! Words fail me. J-Sun has summed up the logic of that story arc (there is none).

Plus points were the Bruce/Alfred/Reggie arc. Some signs of Bruce getting the kind of training he'll need. Didn't expect Alfred to get stabbed either, but we know he can't die yet...

Barbara again is a strange arc. She got put down expertly by Cat when she tried to tell her to use her looks as a weapon.. but you 2 homeless kids just keep on living in my apartment for free, and I'll do you a makeover and free clothes too!

Nice intro to the Red Hood gang, and it's ever changing leadership. The police were as shoddy as usual leaving that hood on the ground to be picked up again....

Not sure where things stand with Butch now. He's been conditioned into compliance, but he doesn't like Penguin!

This show does have a lot going on, hence no appearance from the Medical Examiner or Nigma this week... but what was @K.S. Crooks saying about failed comedians last week??!
It feels like they are settling the stage for Lucius Fox to take over everyday operations of Wayne Enterprises. I don't know how much time passes after the Waynes die before Lucius is in charge, but the sooner the better. Nigma could even leave the police department and work for Bruce's company. One villain I would love to see make an appearance is Ra's al Ghul. He would be a person none of the local crime bosses would dare take on. He could take an interest in Bruce and how the city will function with Thomas Wayne as a moral compass. I feel the Joker will always be a character that they drop hints or give false indicators for, however they may only provide a real look after a few seasons. The problem is that if they present an early version of someone who becomes so wild it may feel like a huge let down.
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