New Novel Pelquin's Comet

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
Just thought I'd mention that, ahem, I have a new novel coming out in April... This is the first in a new space opera series (and features a wonderful cover from award winning artist Jim Burns).

To quote the blurb: In an age of exploration and expansion, the crew of the freetrader Pelquin’s Comet – a rag-tag group of misfits, ex-soldiers and ex-thieves – set out to find a cache of alien technology, intent on making their fortunes; but they are not the only interested party and find themselves in a deadly race against corporate agents and hunted by the authorities. Forced to combat enemies without and within, they strive to overcome the odds under the watchful eye of an unwelcome guest: Drake, agent of the bank funding their expedition, who is far more than he seems and may represent the greatest threat of all.

“Intrigue and action in this high octane collision between Firefly, the Bourne films and Indiana Jones. A two-fisted SF adventure, space opera as it should be written!” – Gavin Smith, author of Veteran

To find out a little more (and see Jim's amazing cover art) you can always pop over to my blog at:

The ebook can be pre-ordered on kindle at a deliberately low price (which will rise once the book has been released):

Or the hardcopy editions (paperback and signed limited hardback) can be ordered at SpaceWitch:
Ooh - good to see - I was recently wondering what you might be working on, and it seems you're already well on your way with this!

You mention a series - trilogy, or longer?
Excellent! I like the cover a lot.
Looks good Ian. Will have to put my pre-order in for one of those signed limited edition hardbacks :)
Thanks, Donna! :) I have to keep pinching myself over the reaction to 'Pelquin's Comet'. Some truly humbling reviews, including in the Financial Times: "A good, unashamed, rip-roaring piece of space opera that hits the spot... a psychic alien with a droll sense of humour, a bunch of corporate bad guys up to no good, exotic planets, witty banter and plenty of gunplay and action in deepest space." and the Guardian: "Whates is a natural story-teller and works his material with verve, obvious enjoyment, and an effortlessly breezy prose style."

11 reviews on Amazon UK (average of 4.5 out of 5), 5 on (4.4 out of 5) and I've just peeked with trepidation at Goodreads -- not usually kind to my books -- to see 14 ratings averaging 4.43 out of 5. All this for a book wot I dun wrote. Thank you to anyone and everyone responsible.
Looks great. I just bought it for the Kindle and will add it to the TBR pile. Congrats on the great reviews so far Ian.
I received an email from Amazon UK this morning -- has new recommendations for you based on items you purchased or told us you own
-- the first of which is Pelquin's Comet.
I very much enjoyed Comet. You've created a fascinating world there, Ian. I especially like the way you don't have any clear cut heroes. Everyone has an edge and their own motivations for doing what they're doing and that makes them far more intriguing than simple goodies and baddies.