Describing Chinese Architecture?


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Feb 23, 2015
What are these type of chinese architecture called for houses and buildings?


And anybdy know where i can find more information for building and structuring my fantasy chinese/japanese inspired cities. Like building architectures and the houses and the gardens and other things.

That was my first thought, though I think the strict definition of "pagoda" is restricted to temples/religious buildings, some of which are more conical towers than this flatter/broader outline, and look very like the papal crown.

Zoolander, presumably you've googled "Chinese architecture" and similar, and had a read of whatever Wikipedia entries may exist? I always find that a good starting place to get an overall idea, before moving onto specialist books.

Anyway, as this is in relation to your fantasy world-building, this is more a writing matter than a book one, so I'll move it over to GWD.
Hey, my husband is from Japan and I can ask him to help with research into non-English sources. If you have specific questions?

I did a quick internet search and came up with this over-priced book and blog: I didn't spend much time looking at it, though, so you'll have to be the judge of whether it's helpful.

The number one publisher of books on Asia is the Tuttle company. I'd recommend going to their homepage and searching their catalog. It would be more focused than wading into Amazon. Also, if you have any Buddhist temples in your immediate vicinity, a visit and a chat with a knowledgeable someone would be very enlightening I'm sure.

One thing I know off the top of my head is that each element of the structure has a corresponding religious meaning. So, unless your world also incorporates Buddhism then you may or may not have these specific styles of architecture, symbolism, iconography, etc. FYI, there are some archaeology sites in my husband's hometown that show evidence of a "stone circle" like a miniature Stonehenge, which indicates that the Japanese had very different styles before Buddhism hit town.

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