Alien 5 coming - from Neill Blomkamp

Well this is probably going to be confusing if we're going to get Prometheus 2 as well. I wonder if they are going to be totally separate projects or are they going to interconnect in some manner.
I wonder if they are going to be totally separate projects or are they going to interconnect in some manner.

This is the only place I've seen it, so I'd take it with a saltshaker, but Deadline are reporting that Scott Free will produce the film, and that the script (to be developed) will be set after Prometheus 2.

Not sure what to think about it potentially following on from the new Prometheus.

EDIT: Variety are also reporting that Ridley Scott is producing, and that the film will take place "years" after the new Prometheus:
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Well this is probably going to be confusing if we're going to get Prometheus 2 as well. I wonder if they are going to be totally separate projects or are they going to interconnect in some manner.

Most likely they'll be only connected by events taking place in different times and places, like the same way Iron Man 2 is connected to Guardians of the Galaxy I guess...

A few years ago this would have made me more excited than anything, but I'm too used to having my fave childhood films being molested by comebacks to be overly excited. Oh, the cynicism that the years bring...
I didn't mind Prometheus and I would like to see where the story goes. I liked District 9 but wasn't so thrilled with Elysium. I suppose it all depends on what the directors choose to do. I'm curious and a little bit excited.
I also enjoyed Alien 3 and it would be very optimistic to think a new version would be better. But still I'm excited to think of another film that is more similar in style to the originals, unlike the disappointing Prometheus. The dark Alien setting is just brilliant, as long as they have interesting characters to put in it.
With an alternative 3 they could a least use Hicks and Newt in the film!
It looks like Michael Biehn is on board. Possibly the film could be placed in between Aliens and Alien 3 though we would have to ignore that the actors are now much older. Also if it was in between then we would know from the start that Ripley, Newt and Hicks all survive the film (at least until going into cryosleep. So that could hurt the excitement levels. Or if it was an alternative version maybe Biehn could play a clone/android?
Prometheous let us down on the prequel story (so far) so lets hope this possible intermediate story is a winner.
Critics have panned Blomkamp's latest release Chappie. Apparently a poor rip-off of Short Circuit and Robocop. So I will keep my expectations suitably low.
Critics have panned Blomkamp's latest release Chappie. Apparently a poor rip-off of Short Circuit and Robocop. So I will keep my expectations suitably low.

Yeah, I've been seeing poor reviews pop up, too. A small glimmer of hope - Blomkamp's problems seem to mostly be in the script department. He can direct, he can set up gorgeous shots, and make a film a beauty to watch... he's just not great at writing them. If someone else writes the new Alien script**, we might get a good film!

**Maybe even just the lack of total creative freedom will be enough? There's only so much you'd expect he be allowed to do within an existing mythology. At the very least, there won't be some message about the poor areas of Johannesburg.
That concept art looks superb. Is it true that this is going to be a direct sequel to Aliens? I also find myself wondering what part Sharlto Copley will play in this.

I'm quite looking forward to see how this progresses.
Hi all.

I just realized, logging in, that it's been over a year since I last dropped by. I hope everyone's doing well. I read this news about a new Alien movie recently and it's interesting in so far as there's a possibility we might get a good movie out of it but, as it's only a possibility, it's hard to get too excited about it just yet.

The concept art is beautiful and brings one right back to Aliens and if Michael Biehn is onboard, that'd be something of a draw card for audiences. I can't remember the last time I've seen the man in anything other than a cameo in a Terminator 2 dream sequence. Not much of a send off for someone who was in both the superior original Terminator and, of course, Aliens. So it'd be good to see him again, if only for nostalgic reasons.

However, I feel oddly disinterested in this movie. I want to be excited about it but I was excited about Prometheus as well and I still remember how disappointing that movie was. Also, the director's comments regarding continuity are somewhat confusing. He says he wants this movie to give the Alien series the closure it deserves but he doesn't want to retcon Alien3 out of existence. This also dampens my enthusiasm because if this movie turns out to be a bridge between Aliens and Alien3, then we will already know the endpoint of the narrative going in. And if you're like myself, and you don't care for Alien3, then that's not an ending to look forward to. And if one doesn't care for the ending, the journey there loses its appeal as well.

But maybe the director's comments don't mean anything at this stage. Perhaps he simply said them to avoid alienating the Alien3 fans (sorry about the pun; I couldn't help myself). That way, the movie should net a wider audience than it would otherwise. But at this stage, it's hard to feel more than mild curiosity about the project.

I'd like to be pleasantly surprised and have my modest expectations blown away. It'd be fantastic to have a good Alien movie after all these years, two unappealing sequels (although they do have their fans), two dreadful crossovers and the confused mess that was Prometheus. However, I think it's best to simply wait and see.
I'm one of the (moderate) fans of Alien3 (though I also loved Terminator 3, so take my judgement with a grain of salt:)), and I think you've perfectly summed up my own thoughts on the new Alien film, HS. I honestly cannot remember another film that crushed my cherished expectations the way that Prometheus did. And I was really surprised by how average Elysium seemed. I really-really liked District 9, but after Elysium, and the poor reviews for Chappie, I'm not going to get too excited about Blomkamp's Alien film.

It's potentially cool that Biehn will be in the new film (I have an Alien-films compilation on DVD with extensive commentary tracks, and Biehn sounded remarkably bitter that he was not given a role in Alien3); and actually the fact that Sigourney is on-board might be the thing that gives me most hope that the film could have some chance at being good (I hope by this point in her distinguished career that she would not sign on just for the huge payday that recreating the Ripley role surely will bring her). But wait and see...sounds like sound advice on this one.

Final God, how is it 36 years since the first film was released? I remember sitting in a theater in the States, enthralled by the gritty, amazingly realistic-seeming futuristic world portrayed on film...and then when the group got to the alien ship...oy, it was terrifying. 36 years though, *sigh*...
I'm not sure I trust Blomkamp to captain the ship, though the concept art does look like it's spot on.

I recently played the game Alien: Isolation, which captured the atmosphere of the 1979 film very well - down to the MS DOS computers and murky metal sets. I just hope they don't CGI this thing into oblivion.

Like CC, I think Sigourney Weaver might be the key ingredient. I'm excited to see if she can bring Ripley back to life :)
Interesting points. Cat's Cradle, I'm with you in hoping that Sigourney Weaver's involvement is a good sign. Admittedly, she has signed onto projects in the past that, personally, I haven't found all that inspiring but perhaps, at this point in her career with financial concerns surely a non-issue, she might be interested in this project for its own merits.

And, Remedy, giving some thought to that concept art, I think it might be the main reason for much of the excitement that's been generated about the film so far. Yes, the characters appear older (and they should) and Hicks is physically scarred from the acid burns he suffered at the end of Aliens but the look is still very reminiscent of that movie, even down to the clothing and the color palette (James Cameron always has liked blue hues). In many ways, the concept art works because of the nostalgia so many of us feel for the original two movies. It's a bit like the trailer for the new Star Wars movie actually. It seems many people think that movie will be the greatest thing ever and, having seen the trailer myself, it's hard to see what the excitement is about beyond some recognizable images. Show people an X-Wing, show them someone in stormtrooper armor, show them a droid that looks sufficiently similar to R2 (even if it also looks like a soccer ball at the same time) and they are instantly on board.

That's the power of nostalgia at work and I admit seeing that concept art of Ripley and Hicks worked for me in much the same manner. It's little wonder then, I suppose, that Hollywood is so keen on sequels and re-makes. They're guaranteed to draw in crowds. Even when those same crowds have been let down by earlier sequels and re-makes, they're always willing to give new ones a chance.

And I agree with you, Cat's Cradle. It is a little hard to believe that it's been thirty-six years now since the original came out. However, the really amazing thing about it is that it still looks good after all this time and I can easily imagine it thrilling new viewers in another thirty-six years.
Yesssss... how to get rid of Alien3 and bring back the cast who should not have been killed after all they went through in Aliens. I remember being instantly cheesed when Aliens3 started, (despite it's a watchable film) ... because of the casual removal of key characters. I thought something like 'who wrote this and who do they think they are!' So I don't see a way to bring them back.... yet. But, with all the SF people in here, mebbe there is a way? Quick before it's too late!
Don't want previews, never watch them, won't look at posters etc.... because this could be a good film. IF, that is, we can thimk of a way - other than the usual dream sequence - to bring back the proper cast. The comic series had better writing than the later movies, how to get back to Newt/Hicks/Ripley still alive? Maybe it's not such a good idea. Maybe time for a new Ripley and a new cute kid who hopefully won't die in hypersleep for no good reason.

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