Gotham S116 The Blind Fortune Teller


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Jun 25, 2014
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Haly's Circus and the Flying Graysons! Nice to see Cameron Monaghan from Shameless show up and I thought he had a creepy Joker smile and laugh. I also liked Mark Margolis as Paul Cicero. Glad that Butch survived.
Red Hood next week.
I have so many thoughts about The Joker, and I cannot voice them because I'm thinking about everything he can do, when he takes over the Gotham. So I'm amazed that they are bringing him out on this season even though the whole main arc has been about the Rise of the Penguin. But wondering is that are they going to lock him up in the Arkham Asylum till the next season, or are they planning to do something else as there are only six episodes left in this season?

I'm also wondering where Dick Grayson is at this point. Can anyone guess?
He wasn't born yet.

But I read an interview, where the producers said that he was the most interesting character to cast so far. And it's not going to be many years before Bruce will put on the cape and head out in the streets to face Gotham nightlife with all its dangers. But I admit they're taking their time with that storyline but it's just it's not as if the great detective is charging forward from under Albert's guardianship. He is still the man behind most of Bruce's development towards the adulthood. Yet we see Cat developing next to Ivy, and surprisingly enough under Barbara's hospitality.
Everyone needs to understand that the person who killed his mother in this episode was not the Joker. The Joker has no alias. He has never been given a "real name" in the comics. The Riddler is Edward Nigma, the Penguin is Oswald Cobblepot , Two Face is Harvey Dent...the Joker is only the Joker. His back story is that he was a failed comedian, who started working for the mob on the side for extra income. He failed a job he was given and was set up to die at a chemical factory. He survived, somewhat, to return home and find his wife murdered. The joker appeared in the very first episode of Gotham. He was the comedian trying out in Fish Mooney's club. Notice how he wasn't funny and he is not given a name. Hope this clears things up for some.
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