A quick question...Gardens( One wee possible spoiler)


Jan 24, 2015
If you haven't read to about 70% of the first book, which is unlikely if you're in this forum....

So I've got to just after the part where Rallick had his fight with Ocelot, and Murrilio hasn't heard from him in a while and presumes him dead, so he proceeds to go along with the plan to duel Turban Orr anyway and frets over this probably leading to his death.
Not that many pages later, when Rallick eventually catches up but is still lacking a lot of he red stuff, he tells Murrilio that Orr will kill him if they duel.

Now, iirc, closer to the start of the book Rallick was musing that due to their plot, Murrilio may end up being challenged by Orr and he had very high estimations of Murrilio's abilities to the point he was an Adept( still not entirely sure exactly what this means, Adept with magic I presume) and would not have any trouble should it come to this.

Now unless I'm missing something obvious, this seems rather contradictory, and I am a bit confused.

If the answer is a great big spoil for future events, just tell me to shut up and get back to the book!


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