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Jun 25, 2014
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I wasn't interested in the Fish or Bruce stories but I am curious how Fish got from the boat to where ever she is now. My first guess was that she might be in Santa Prisca but I'm not sure. I did like the special effects for the scarecrow though especially at the end. Tickets to the circus must mean we will get to see The Flying Graysons soon.


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Dec 28, 2000
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I guess th pirate from the end of last week was able to get the better of Fish.. She took charge of the prisoners pretty quickly, as you'd expect. The lady with her eyes gouged out was creepy...

Bruce goes for a hike, doesn't go well! His determination to get back up the hill with a sprained ankle gives us a hint of the man he'll become. And Alfred let him do it the hard way, and afterwards offered him support. This was the best Bruce/Alfred stuff so far.

Scarecrow origin story was suitably freaky.. the logic hole of his father's attempt to rid him of fear bugs me a little. Fear is a great asset in keeping you alive! Buthis son is now crippled by it... great scarecrow special effects I agree.

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Oct 26, 2014
Jesse412 mentioned going to the circus to see the flying Graysons. It would be great I they go and Bruce has a chance to meet a very young Dick Grayson, who would be around 4 years old. I loved the scene with Nigma and Cobblepot in the police station. The Riddler and Penguin going face to face for the first time.
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