Constantine S111 A Whole World Out There


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Jun 25, 2014
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This episode had a bit of a slasher movie vibe to it which I enjoyed. Nice to see Ritchie Simpson return. I think Jeremy Davies and Matt Ryan have good on screen chemistry together. William Mapother was pretty creepy as Jacob Shaw.


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Aug 21, 2007
First of all, only two episodes left in this season.

I loved this episode and the way of how it picked up things from the pilot episode. If Constantine wouldn't had slipped a thing about Zed I would had believed that this one was the second episode and everything was just shuffled by the editors to get a proper traction for the season - just like they'd hinted in the interviews.

The only cheesy thing was the CGI paradise at the very end. It didn't look real, at all. Instead it was just cheap effect, but that didn't carry into other effects. Those deaths were real enough for me to get a creepy feeling. In fact, my skin was crawling when Shaw lashed throat. I just didn't want to see it because it brought back memories from Freddy Kruger. You could even claim that this episode had parallels to his infamous dream world, but at least these people didn't had to be scared that sort of thing.

What I couldn't understood was where did they found the spell? Did Constantine had it in his library? Also did Manny show something to Ritchie in the paradise for him to turn around his sledge and start living in the real world?

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Feb 20, 2014
The Afterlife
I loved this episode.
  • It balances the angst and action nicely and gives the viewer a deeper insight into how the Newcastle Incident affected Constantine and his crew.
  • It's also a clever nod to the "College kids dabble with the supernatural and find themselves in a whole lot of slasher hot water" subgenre of Horror.
What I love most of all about John Constantine is how complex a character he is - that is what makes him real. There is guilt and angst but it isn't overplayed.*

NBC - do not screw this up with not renewing the series!

*Unlike Supernatural which keeps dragging out the Winchester Brothers' angst. I still like that series but as it continues with season 10 and has season 11 lined up, I'm thinking that it may be time for the producers to wrap it up).


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Dec 28, 2000
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It's also a clever nod to the "College kids dabble with the supernatural and find themselves in a whole lot of slasher hot water" subgenre of Horror.

Definitely. I enjoyed this one a lot, and we got to see another member of the Newcastle crew which is good.

I'm not sure what the issue is with Zed / Chas not being in half the episodes? Perhaps because Chas could have gone into the dreamscape without fear of being killed?

I believe Ritchie remained in his paradise in the comics. Interestng then that he came back to reality. Not sure if Manny would have appeared to him but its a possibility! Probably wanted to keep the character in play for future use - we can only keep hoping for renewal!

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Nov 23, 2002
It was an okay episode, but I'm not really into slasher films so that whole section just made me uncomfortable, rather than entertained - though it wasn't pushed on too much, thankfully.

Jeremy Davis played Ritchie wonderfully well - loved the mannerisms and use of voice.

My only disappointment is that at the end Ritchie returned - I really thought they'd mirror the comics here, where Ritchie attempts to ascend to Heaven directly, and digitally. There were enough comments early on about him working on his own secret "manifest" which built an expectation of it happening. Instead, we got a drawn out ending about Buddhism, which while interesting, lacked the dramatic effect of the expectation. If we're lucky, they'll put this into a later episode.

What I couldn't understood was where did they found the spell?

They mentioned the type of spell and source, and made it sound like it was a reasonably accessible spell.

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