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Is 'Popular Imagination' An Oxymoron?

Michael Colton

Well-Known Member
Jul 20, 2014
Richard Brody recently wrote an article about the film industry, directing, independent films, and women in the film industry. Partway through he states that the term 'the popular imagination' is an oxymoron. It seems like a rather caustic claim to make and I was wondering what people think about it?

Since the article was primarily about film, I put this post in this section of the forums. Obviously, such a claim would have much wider implications than just the film industry. If there is another place this should have gone, feel free to move it.

J Riff

The Ants are my friends..
Apr 11, 2010
Sleeping in Lab
Well... the 'popular imagination' wouid have to be based on other movies and newspapers? So it is bound to be oxymoronic.