Arrow S311 Midnight City


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Jun 25, 2014
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I like seeing Laurel have a tough time superheroing and Roy coming to save her. Interesting conflict between Thea and Malcolm. Nice to see Ray Palmer try to kick some ass. Brick City! The Maseo and Tatsu scenes have been really good lately. Black Canary's helicopter escape was kind of crazy and unexpected. Looks like Katana might return with Oliver to Starling City. I've said it before not telling Lance that his daughter is dead is messed up and Laurel actually impersonated Sara even more so. Nice reveal about the DJ at the end.


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Aug 21, 2007
This episode was the weakest in three season. I didn't like it at all. First point was Oliver waking up without being in the Lazarus Pit even though it was quite clear in the last episode that he had been lying on the mountain ledge for awfully long time. Then his chest wound disappeared and it moved to stomach area, even though Ra's Al Ghul stuck blade between Oliver's rips, missing narrowly his heart. And we are not talking about hundreds of meters fall, which would most probably cracked bones, pulverised his spine and most likely cracked his skull open.

The second point came when a thin metal tray stopped two bullets from hitting Oliver. If it would had been made from titanium I would had bought it, but it didn't look like that particular night club would had invested money on such novel items. And we aren't even touching Brick shooting scene in the warehouse or the shootout in the Mayor's office.

Third mistake came with Roy sneakers alerting Malcolm, and the final nail in the coffin came with Laurel playing her sister to their dad, and the thing about that is that they don't even have same height, body build, or way of moving.

But there was some excellent moments with Vinnie playing a very convincing crime boss. However there weren't enough of them to save episode.


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May 6, 2013
I'm enjoying Laurel's character arc. The writers seem to be getting their act together with her instead of hamfisting their way through. And I like seeing her struggle with it.


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Dec 14, 2011
I'll admit the bullet proof drinks tray was hard to swallow. And Olivers recovery for me is much to fast, I would rather him be out of action for a few more episodes before he comes riding in ( presumably on a white stead).

Overall I give this one a B simply on the above reasons. I liked the idea that team Arrow's bad judgement calls regarding thr first resuce attempt played on their minds, as always Feclity is the light that guides the way for the team. I am looking forward to seeing how they work Routh's character and how he interacts with team Arrow once that time comes.

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
When faced with a criminal mastermind who just kidnapped the mayor, the Starling City police will simply stand there and let him talk to them? Come on, please - let's have police in Arrow and Flash act like police instead of background props!

Oliver's chest wound seems to have disappeared. At least he's getting antibiotics, because penicillin can obviously cure the string of injuries that Chinese miracle herbs cannot...

Laurel. Too much of the conflict in Arrow depends on people not telling each other things. Too often it's lies that drive the plot. In doing so it sails too close to the soap opera wind IMO.

However, it was good to see Thea's resolve to stay and fight.

The Oliver and Tatsuo scenes remain strangely interesting - even though it still makes no sense for Oliver to be volunteered to act as an international assassin and torturer - and even go along with it.

There's still a sense of fun and engagement about the series, but it's the weakest season so far. Too much comic book and not enough attempt to make the story feel real.