Gotham S113 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon


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Jun 25, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA
I liked the case Gordon was working on but this episode didn't do much else for me. Almost felt like we were getting the origin of the Iceberg Lounge during the Penguin scene. I did like the scene with Zsasz and "The Girls of Old Town" though as well as the scene with Flass getting arrested. I hope Butch survives.
Wasn't it just Bambi and Thumper before and then they added a new girl just so she could get killed rather than Bambi or Thumper? That was kind of lame. And, yeah, I would have wanted Butch to survive but the fact that they've had him "dead to rights" twice now means he really ought to die this time but I suspect he won't. So I'm basically conflicted there between the character calling for survival but the plot calling for death.

Anyway - this episode had one massive failing: no Morena Baccarin. :) Otherwise, it was fine. But, somehow, fine isn't quite good enough. I'm okay with Flash coasting but Gotham needs to do more.
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