Agents of Shield S120 - Nothing Personal

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
Synopsis from Wiki:

Fitz finds a message left by Skye informing them that Ward is a member of Hydra. Hill and a Special Forces team lead by Talbot arrive at Providence where Hill tries to convince Coulson's team to surrender themselves. However upon hearing of Ward's betrayal, Hill decides to aid the team directly in their hunt. Skye leads Ward to the diner where she met Mike Peterson and secretly tips off the police. She reveals that she knows his secret and escapes while he fights the police, but is captured by Deathlok. As Ward tries to fly the Bus away, he is confronted by Hill and Triplett, who stall long enough for Coulson to sneak on board. Coulson frees Skye and they escape. The team retreats to a hotel where Skye reveals she left a trap in the hard drive. Hill departs for D.C. while May returns and shows Coulson the contents of a flash drive she recovered from his false grave. The file is a video of Coulson himself, who is revealed as the head of Project T.A.H.I.T.I., informing Fury that the project must be shut down because of horrific side effects.

Loved the tension in this episode, not least Sky's plight in trying to play Ward. Great that the others found her message - and Fitz's reaction to it.

A surprising rescue - Coulson by himself? - and the flying car seemed a little bit cheap as a resolution. But, kudos to the writers, they've already prepped us for this earlier, and one of my kids did shout "Use the car!".

Also interesting to see that Coulson ran TAHITI...
Maybe your kid has a future in screen writing? ;)

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