Vote for Your Favourite Story from Kraxon Magazine (2014) -- "A CRIME OF INTELLIGENCE" WINS

Vote for your three favourite stories from Kraxon Magazine

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Aug 7, 2007

Vote for your favourite story of the year from Kraxon Magazine!

The winning author will receive £100 GBP

You have three votes, but you must cast them all at the same time; you cannot add votes later

The voting closes at 23:59 GMT on the 20th of December

Please note: this is an open poll, which means that everyone will be able to see which stories you voted for

This thread is to be used for voting only. If you want to comment on the stories, do so HERE

To read a story, click on the image below its title

Note that the stories are listed in order of publication

Central Park in the Dark by Nathan Hystad (ratsy)

Getting There by Rosie Oliver (Serendipity)

Life Changing Moments by John Frochio (johnnyjet)

Leeway by Martin Clark (reiver33)

Prey by Christian Nash

Sheepthing by Stephen Palmer

A Crime of Intelligence by Jo Zebedee (springs)

Out of Time by John J Brady (alchemist)

Birthing by Chris Penycate

Soul Ship by Kerry Buchanan

Morte Ex Machina by Martin Clark (reiver33)

Tyrell’s Flight by Rosie Oliver (Serendipity)

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