New Terminator Trailer

Hmm...not sure what to think. Enjoyed the first two films, never saw the others - but this one looks like it's going to rewrite them somewhat. Hard not to feel a little nostalgic excitement, though. :)
I still think the basic premise of this film is overly complicated. I would have kept it simple. A second T-800 was sent through but too far back. He waited, hidden, until the correct time and then started his mission. Hence, the old looking Terminator.
I had a moment of "No, don't alter the storyline!", and then that passed, and I became really excited! It looks really interesting. I wasn't all that thrilled about the new movie before...the trailer actually changed my outlook. Hope it turns out to be a good (or better) film!

Caveat: I'm one of those who loved the third film. :)
Having seen the trailer. It looks like it could be entertaining. :)
Looks interesting. Terminator 2 was my favourite, and I lost interest as the sequels got more and more stoopid. Especially the 'touch a car and it morphs into a fighting machine' type of thing. Quite looking forward to it.
I like the look of this. Decent enough explanation for Arnie's aging, and T1000's are always awesome! This one will have to go some to outshine Robert Patrick's performance in T2 though. For me, that's the ultimate Terminator performance, fast sleek and utterly unstoppable!!
The trailer looks good though in the latest cinema trailer it looks like the aged Terminator might have a bit too much of a human side. Part of the appeal of the first two films was that for the most part the Terminators were so cold and clinical, though there was a little adjustment as the T800 learned from John O'Connor. It seems like the Arnie Terminator in Genisys has become part of society...I just don't want to raise my hopes too much as when there were some good trailers for Prometheus and then it was not great at all. But for sure there will be action!
Why like the Terminator films? It's simple, Arnold gave the Tin Man a heart . Of the roles and character that he has played, I like this character best of all.

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