Favourite Sci-fi TV Series


Nov 27, 2014
Favourite Sci-Fi TV Series on TV right now? Re-runs don't count!
Sadly, there are no currently active science fiction television shows I like all that much. The little television I watch is primarily cop shows and Constantine.
Without question, Babylong 5 is my favourite TV series, closely followed by Farscape and Firefly.
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I would say Sleepy Hollow or Haven, but both of those are more fantasy than sci-fi, I think. Person of Interest is one of my favorite shows overall, not just sci-fi. It's more character driven, rather than sci-fi driven, although the premise of AI is certainly sci-fi.
Dr. Who and Defiance would be in my top picks right now, also. I also liked The Last Ship, and The Strain has it's moments.

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