Calling all practical jokers.

I never said you were cruel to animals. I said that I would not like to read about stuff being tied to animals. You asked above 'would it be mean to tie bed pans to dogs.' My answer is yes. I didn't quote the post because I'm at work, and I'm trying to be sneaky (I have a tiny window open).
OK so other suggestions welcome because this has to be in tomorrow and I am out of ideas? At present I have the dog with sausages but that has been very much done before as has the dressing the dog up in underwear.

I have to condense a 30 minute piece into 1 minute so the original teddy bear idea cannot happen.
There is a fine line between teasing a dog and cruelty I think. Dogs do get little strap on blanket/coats for cold weather and don't seem to mind them. So something suitable "suitably" attached might be humorous to people and not minded by the dog at all?

A flag or rude message?
Matrons eyeglasses on the dog maybe? So then the joke is on matron?
Have it a big dog and dress it up in matrons uniform, then the filthy doctor who is always after pinching her bottom gets his hand bit at and the dog chases him barking?
Then at the end you see the nearsighted Janitor having a drink fest with dog matron?
Giving dog matron a bit of a cuddle.
Telling her her beauty regimens working a treat, why isn't she looking just like a young pup?

Maybe it was only that he dressed up the dog in matrons clothes?
He said he weren't meaning to upset the animal, but that head one went and kissed it...
Very creative ;)

I've gone with a Yorkie in ribbons. He stole the ribbons from Outhouse, the built like a brick one, who likes needlework but is too big to be teased for it.
Are you going to make the drunk guy think the yorkie in ribbons and jingle bells is a pixie or fairy?

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