Twitter panel: using humour in genre writing

Jo Zebedee

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Oct 5, 2011
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We have a first panel set up for 23 November at 11 am GMT, looking at humour in sff. The panellists are:

TobyFrost, the author of the Space Captain Smith novels, science-fiction comedies telling of the exploits of a British space explorer and his less-than-intrepid crew. The fifth in the series, End of Empires, was published this year by Myrmidon Books. His first novel for Black Library, Straken, is out this month.

StephenPalmer, the author of eight published novels, variously from Orbit Books, PS Publishing and Prime Books. Best known for his far-future, environmental SF, including his 1996 debut "Memory Seed," he went awol into alternate Victorian humour earlier in the year with the very well received "Hairy London" (Infinity Plus). He likes cats, Wales, and Ozric Tentacles.

ThaddeusWhite, an avid reader of fantasy and classical history, who also enjoys watching, betting and tipping on Formula 1 (with mixed results).

His first comedy, Sir Edric's Temple, was released last year, and he has since signed a two book publishing deal with Tickety Boo Press (for a second edition of Temple, and the first release of the follow-up book, Sir Edric's Treasure).

Charlotte Smith, an aspiring novelist who has blundered into a world of writing comedy scripts. In June 2014 she won a place on a forum to write a sit-com pilot with the aide of a BBC Scotland Comedy Producer and Script Editor. It is going well and feedback on the script, set in a VAD care home for injured soldiers in 1916, has been incredibly positive.

David the Evil Overlord has postponed his world domination plans to pursue his dream of writing. He is attempting to finish his super hero trilogy that was once a novel that evolved from a short story.

Thanks to them all for stepping forward. It will appear under #sffchrons and I hope plenty of Chronners turn up - and others besides - with lots of hard questions. :)
Cheers for organising this, Springs.

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