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Oct 11, 2014
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I grew up reading HP Lovecraft. I have lived his works since childhood. I also liked Poe, Emily Dickision etc. I read a lot of old poetry from 15,16,17,18,and 19 centuries . No one in this age can write like he did,it's all blood and guts. His horror was in the mind you never really knew what the thing looked like,it was left up to the reader to put a face on it so to say.

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Jan 11, 2009
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Lovecraft is complex in the way he shews his horrors. Much is left to the imagination, much can be doubted as to its being "real" or "dream" or somewhere in-between. Yet we have a very vivid description of Wilbur during his death scene, which takes up most of the story's sixth section, going on for three long paragraphs and ending with one shorter paragraph. The thing that festers on ye doorstep is dealt with beautifully, and although its full form is hidden we can sense the essence of the thing--and its smell. We have numerous descriptions of Cthulhu, either as "he" is depicted in art form, or as "he" appears to the sailors who have semi-releas'd him. Lovecraft wasn't all "blood and guts," he was mightily intellectual. He was a master at evoking nebulous horror, in such tales as "The Music of Erich Zann," in which we find the very essence of nightmare.

At the Hippocampus Press page on Facebook, Derrick has posted the working draft of the jacket for volume one of THE VARIORUM LOVECRAFT--and that jacket art captures utterly the core essence of all that is wondrous about H. P. Lovecraft's genius as weird artist.
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