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I have to say I never read the comics. I was more of a Marvel person with the exception of Batman. When Arrow came along I watched and loved it but I have to say this show has captured my attention even more. Since I don't know the storylines I tried to stay away from Google to look them up because I thought it would kind of ruin some of the plotlines of the show. I broke down and read about them. Now I'm eager to see who shows up on the show. Though I feel Professor Zoom is going to showing up. ;D Is it wrong I'm now ordering Flash t-shirts? Thank goodness my job has a casual dress code. :D
Mods: Since there are a number of us following The Flash and discussing it every week, would it be possible to have a folder just for The Flash? Please? Please with brownies covered in fudge and topped with ice cream? :)
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It's one of the best shows on tv, so far. :)

The Flash Season 2 premieres on 6 October on The CW in the US and soon after on Sky1 HD in the UK
Should be an interesting season, especially with the lead up to Legends of Tomorrow. I'm curious how they'll introduce Legends, since Grant Gustin is going to guest star in it. Bound to be some crossover Arrow-Flash-Legends action happening at some point this season!

By the way, in August at a local convention I went to a panel with John Wesley Shipp, the original Flash and Barry's dad in this series. What a great guy! He shared stories from both Flash series, and talked about how cool it was to play the father to what was originally his own character, and how much he admires Grant Gustin as an actor. :)
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I've been enjoying season 4 quite a bit. It feels to me like both The Flash and Supergirl have got their mojo back this year and have rediscovered the fun. I gave up on Arrow and Legends early last season but I'm glad I stuck with these two.

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