Teresa, you did beautifully. Thanks for the pie!

It all got rather wild and crazy at one point, and I was madly dashing between the SFFChrons post list and my notifications list, but it was fun. Nice to see so many online friends on a different forum.

Ursa, I only saw one of your tweets.
I had no idea what was going on (no change there, some of you will be saying), and the second half or so coincided with me making, and consuming, dinner.

@Juliana The fact that my name, not just my twitter name, appeared on my home page and simply would not go away (even though it kept "saving" my invalid and disregarded changes), meant that I tried altering various things, including some of the privacy settings. I forget to unset these when I did manage to remov my name.

Bl**dy crap software!
I had a peek at your tweets; the ones where you replied to others (starting with @) won't show up on the general #SFFChrons feed, unless you click on whatever post was answered. If you want a tweet to show to everyone, you start with something other than @ (can even be a full stop first). I learnt that by trial and error, by the way. Luckily twitter moves fast so plenty of margin for trial and error.
I didn't see them, sorry Ursa. I think direct reply worked best for those unused to # ing. Very think and fast, good job everyone esp. Those in the quiet stage who kept it going! :)
If you want a tweet to show to everyone, you start with something other than @ (can even be a full stop first).
I'm sure I started one response with the #, but that didn't work either.

But as I won't be using Twitter until the next #SFFChrons, there isn't an issue for me.
Thad mentioned the settings.

(If the bl**dy crap's settings functions worked as one might expect, and if the bl**dy crap didn't think it was suddenly FaceBook, there wouldn't have been any issues in the first place.)
Is this going to be a regular thing? You guys might just drag me, kicking and screaming, into the Twitter thing. Although, seeing the troubles some people had, I'm not sure if I want to work that hard.
I think starting in the middle of something like that is difficult. I definitely think we should do it again and anyone new to twitter should bounce around for a day or two. Twitter is hard to get used to, it works in an odd way but once you've cracked it, it is remarkably easy.
Twitter is easy.

Hashtags are for finding things and tagging posts so they can be found. @s are for talking to people. That's pretty much it. Press 'notifications' in the top bar and you'll see whenever anybody's mentioned you or spoken to you.

Regarding #SFFChrons, I'm confused as to what it's going to be used for. I thought the initial idea was that, if we had something to promote, we'd tag it with #SFFChrons so that other Chrons members can check the hashtag and retweet fellow members promo stuff, therefore helping each other. But now it's just a general chat thing?
Mouse, I agree it'd be more valuable as a semi-serious promotion hashtag (I'd include things like interesting/relevant to writing blogs, because if it's only book deals and big news then it'll hardly ever get used).
I'm glad it's not just me, Mouse... My original idea was to use it to tag stuff for promotion but this also worked well. But there are some of us who would really benefit from the first usage. Any ideas how we do that? A different hashtag adds a new level but filtering out members promotional tags using the chat approach is no easier than filtering them out of a chrons list.
Oh yeah, don't get me wrong - I don't mind just doing chats! But yeah, moving away from the original purpose a bit. I guess if chats aren't held too often, then promo stuff will be easy to pick out as it'll float to the top, as it were. (And yeah, Thad, I'm talking about blog posts too!)
I though the idea was, as previously mentioned, to help signal boost promotional tweets (book news, blog posts etc), but that we were doing the chat thing today to 1. Test it out, 2. Promote the hashtag. If that's correct, nothing wrong with having, say, a monthly chat using the hashtag just as a way of boosting its visibility and maybe gaining new followers.
I was intending to look in on this but some routine work I started earlier turned out to be anything but routine. Sorry.
Sorry I had to bow out at the end but have to watch that on TV with Mrs Dave.

I've not used Twitter quite like that before and I think it went well. As for using the hashtag #SFFChrons to promote your books, yes that would be an excellent idea but it needs to have some presence/visibility first. Until a few days ago, it had only been used once (in April 2013) but after that hour it had risen to a 3 Tweets per hour average (almost trending!) I also noticed more tweets from other authors who had nothing to do with SFFChronicles at all. It also promotes the website and we might get some new members through it.

The peculiarities of Twitter @ and # are things I had to learn the hard way too. The newbies did fine. Well done all!

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