Thanks, Springs.

Okay. Just to confuse you all, I'm @USRAminer. (It may be a dig at something, but it bears little resemblance to anything.)
Has it gone now? (I thought I'd removed it, but it reappeared. :confused:)

EDIT: And now it's telling me I can't remove the name. If it doesn't buck up soon, I'm leaving the bl**dy useless pile of crap.
Seems to still be up.
Bl**dy useless crap. If it didn't like what I was doing, why did it keep allowing me to think I'd saved the changes, except for just a single time out of many?

(Don't these companies employ any people other than geek software engineers? Apart for finance and advertising people, that is.)
Aye, changed to USRA now.
I might pop in, but need to register with Twitter first. So...

Unlike here, they ask for your full name. Would I be correct in thinking that they ask you for your username later in the process? (And why do they need your full name? Even using all three of my names, I'm far from being unique: putting the name in quotes gets 'about' 17,800 hits on google; without quotes, there are 'about' 173,000,000 hits. :eek:)
I think it is a new thing. I was reading something about Facebook apologising for asking, but saying that it is required in order to cut down on the number of fake accounts where people are impersonating real celebrities. Apparently this causes a big problem for people who don't use their real names in public but go under a pseudonym. It especially affects Drag Queens. You're not a Drag Artist are you Ursa?
That will be noon here, then.

How do I add all of you?

If you go to one of the chronners with a chrons list you could go down through it and tick follow on those you know. I think Juliana has a list.

The people who seem to be participating tonight are (from memory, I don't know all the tags):

or just sing into sffchrons at 8 and start hitting follow as we post. :)
Don't worry, I found Twitter hard at first.

Sign into twitter and you should have about six icons show up. One of those is a magnifying glass (for me it's on the top right of the screen). Hit it and type #sffchrons and choose sffchrons when it comes up on the memory. That brings you into the thread.

To compose a tweet use the icon that is a square with a quill (beside the magnifying glass) and start it with @sffchrons to bring it into the thread.

I'm about to send you a test tweet. When I do you can use the single arrow to reply to me and anyone else @ in it (I'll stick a willing victim into it, or I might just evilly select one) and the star to favourite it.

Okay, here it comes....
None of my responses (sadly all the same) seem to be appearing. Or do you not see your own tweets in #SFFChrons?
Because your tweets are restricted I think others need to get the OK from you to see them. Don't think you should see your own (if you're signed in).

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