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Oct 5, 2011
blah - flags. So many flags.
okay, following on from Mouse's thread on twitter and thinking about how we can use it more effectively across the Chrons active writers/publishers/self-publishers whoever.

I'm suggesting the above gets used on tweets that are promoting something new, be it cover reveals, shorts, new books, whatever. I'm hoping it's okay to mention it here because it's not involving any promotion on the Chrons itself, only on Twitter.

I think this will only work if those active on Twitter check the hashtag semi regularly (say, once a week?) but if it's used and picked up by others and retweeted I think we could bring in a lot more traffic for everyone.

What do others think? Useful? Would anyone outside of the twitter chrons regulars bother to use it or to check it from time to time?
Sounds like a good idea. My concern would be that new books/shorts/covers happen pretty infrequently (not all of us have your work rate, alas). Would you envisage things like writing-related blogs (whether it's about how to world-build or significant updates on progress etc) being fair game?
Yeah, I think blogs (writing related) would be the sort of thing that would work well. It's about upping the writers' profiles across more followers.

But I think it's important not to flood it, either. The Chrons feed I subscribe to has 80-odd members and, whilst they're all very interesting, I find it hard to pick out the writing-related ones that a retweet on might help, as opposed to @otter's fascinating advice about assorted fish conversations.
That's a fair point. I keep thinking of trimming my follow list, as my feed's over-active.
Springs' last post reminds me I need to organize my Chrons list better...

I like the idea. I'd be fine with checking in and retweeting the writing related stuff (fine chap though that Otter may be...).
Maybe #SFFChrons?

Just checked Twitter. #chrons isn't mega-busy, but it is used a bit.
It seems to be mostly used at the moment by people who can't spell Crohn's (as in disease).
It seems to be mostly used at the moment by people who can't spell Crohn's (as in disease).

I thought you were joking, but no. Many people are determined to beat #chrons and I'm feeling just a little bit scared...

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