Dr Who Characters whom you found to be Unlikable and of Little Use.


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Jun 29, 2014
Which characters and what makes them so in these categories . This covers both the classic and new series.
K9 - is that a controversial choice?

Surely though, like the old daleks he was only useful on pretty flat surfaces. You'd have to carry him on walkies across rough terrain.

For human ones - I can't remember what her name was, but the one that Bonnie Langford played.
Turlough. I always hoped the Doctor would find him out and then kill him in some particularly original and gruesome way, just to show he wasn't always a nice guy, but he rehabbed himself at the end.

I liked K9 but, yes, you have a piece of 99th century technology that's not waterproof, and likes to gambol in the surf.
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Donna - But then I've never like the whole shouty thing Catherine Tate does instead of acting.
River Song - Just came across as smug, which is a shame because I like Alex Kingston is lots of other programs.
Not sure "I liked the part where he ended up dead" necessarily counts as a plus :p
After Ace for me they seem a step backwards for the companion. Back to the age of short skirts and squealing. Clara at least doesn't feel like a demented former Cbeebies presenter.
Ace lived up to her name. One of my earliest childhood memories is of her running away from the cybermen (proper cybermen, who were killed by gold, not hugs and snuggles and other emotional nonsense).
For me Ace will always be the greatest Dr Who companion. They brought back Sarah Jane Smith ... or would I just be disappointed ?