Favorite Character?

Chris Guillory

Aug 24, 2014
San Francisco Bay Area
Now, anybody familiar with this series would know this to be a very, very difficult question to answer. About half-way through Reaper's Gale, right now, I'd have to say Karsa Orlong.

He's somehow simultaneously complex and simple at the same time. He's constantly underestimated by almost everyone he encounters. He backs down from nothing and no one. He makes bold promises, and thus far has fulfilled all of them. And the best part of it all? I started out absolutely hating him. He's introduced (I forget where) by essentially gathering two of his friends with the ultimate goal of killing every human (child) they encounter. Somehow, Erikson turned the tables to make me sympathize, and ultimately root for him.

What about you? Who's you current favorite?
Problem is, virtually all my favourite characters come in pairs: Tehol & Bugg, Mappo & Icarium, Trull Sengar & Onrack the Broken, Kalam & Quick Ben, Picker & Blend. SE admits it's due to him and ICE gaming:

It's interesting you point out the prevalence of duos in the novels, and yes, I do think that came in part from the one-to-one gaming Cam and I did: all those dialogues invoke the tone and atmosphere of our games, so to return to such pairings was for me an act of nostalgia, I suppose.

That said, writing workshop instructors might well look grave and slowly shake their heads, since it's always more dramatic to have three characters rather than two. But I would counter, if the setting becomes a character, then two is actually three, so piss off.


I do like Karsa, though.
That's a good point, Bugg. It does make sense because part of the charm is how they interact with each other. Same thing goes for Stormy/Gesler and Toc the Younger/Tool.
Rallick Nom from GOTM and Duiker from DH. They were the consciences of their respective books.
Kruppe is a great character and helps to lighten up the stories. Ganoes Paran and Bauchelain are always interesting too.
There's too many great characters. Trull Sengar is a favourite of mine but I could also say Ganoes, Apsalar, Felisin, Tavore, Tehol and Bugg, Kruppe, Iskaral Pust, Fiddler, Whiskyjack, Anomander, Toc, Hetan , Tool, Bauchelain, Hellian, Bottle. I'm sure you get the picture.

The only one I haven't been able to take to is Karsa. He's had an interesting journey (Samar Dev is great) but I can't help thinking that the best thing that could happen to him would be for Reepicheep from Narnia to take him out, squeaking "Witness", as he does so. Sorry Karsa fans.