Your Favourite/Recommended Genre-bending/Mash-up Fiction

The Bluestocking

Bloody Mary in Blue
Feb 20, 2014
The Afterlife
I'm reading the Outlander series right now and am enjoying it immensely because it defies classification and seems to span genres.

What are your favourite genre-bending/mash-up books? I'm not talking about subgenres like Steampunk, Cyberpunk etc but fiction that defies description (or at least gives librarians and bookshop staff shelving dilemmas) but are excellent page-turning reads.
Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake: Gothic? Fantasy? Horror? Satire? Anthony Burgess called the Gormanghast book literary sports, books that pop up with no discernible line of descent and no traceable line of influence. At the time he wrote that, it may have been true, but Peake's work has certainly sparked the imaginations of writers since then.

The Land of Laughs by Jonathan Carroll: Starts in very mainstream mode with aspects of the thriller, turns into fantasy, then ends with a chill. So, not exactly a mainstream novel, not entirely fantasy, and not the usual commercial horror novel.

Randy M.

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