Gotham - Fox's gamble on DC universe

He mentioned the shocks of killing big characters on Game of Thrones, but that's inevitable given the source material. Walking Dead is a better analogy I think, given that major characters are deviating from their fate in the comics. I guess the point is that when you have something that everyone thinks they know how it'll play out, it makes sense to shake some things up. But being very careful and it's good to hear that he's not into "cheap tricks" or doing things just for shock value.

So far, I'd say the show is progressing better than I thought it would. The show has to become a reboot of the franchise, with an earlier start point and things will have to progress differently. The movie-world isn't going to tie into this series any time soon, and the show's unlikely to last as long as something like Smallville since the production values of Gotham appear pretty high.

The introduction of Harvey Dent here is interesting. I an still a bit uneasy about the cramming in of so many bat-verse names so early, but as I was saying above, it's pretty much inevitable if they want a compelling show. There was little subtlety to his characterisation though. THe rise of Penguin continues with his discovery of Liza, giving his an angle on Fish as well as Falcone
So far , a terrific show, should get a season 2 easily .:)
Remember when a rumour flew around that there would be loads of potential Jokers in Gotham and the audience would be left guessing which one was the real Clown Prince Of Crime? Such was the claim, but the reality was different. Instead we got the pilot episode comedian, some really subtle nods and the fan theories that speculate that Penguin himself might actually be Bats’ gag-happy arch nemesis in disguise.

To remedy this, Gotham's showrunner Bruno Heller has now promised more Joker-based material before the end of the current season. When asked about the Joker by TV Guide, he retorted that “we’ve said you’re going to be waiting a bit longer for it, but this is America — nobody wants to wait [Laughs].”

He then added “we will scratch the surface of that story, yes. But just scratch it — a little tap on the door [before season one is done].”

So, we can expect more Joker nods by the end of the current run, it would seem. This could fit nicely into the rumours that the Under The Red Hood storyline (explored excellently already in comics and animation) might factor into the latter episodes of Gotham season 1.

The question is, though, does Gotham need a Joker at this stage? If the show plans to have a long future where we might eventually see an older version of Bruce Wayne don a cape and cowl, it would surely be remiss to have all his villains pre-established already.

With a stellar Scarecrow-teasing episode recently under their belt, we like to assume that Heller and co. know what they are doing with this one. More Gotham news as it comes in.

    • Gotham’s rogues gallery is about to get far deadlier when it returns for its second season. How deadly? Well, have you ever heard of The Joker?

      The Clown Prince of Crime, along with Mr. Freeze, will make their official Gotham debuts next season to torment the like of Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and more.

      The news came through the series current Upfronts presentation for the coming fall—a chance for series creators to pitch their upcoming programs to advertisers and members of the press. While Gotham’s first season was filled with teases and allusions to Batman’s ace enemy, this news confirms that the real Mr. J, or a younger version of him, will definitively enter the show. Joining him will be Mr. Freeze, or at least his pre-Batman persona Victor Freeze.
Now waiting for season 2.
And for those people who are demanding for Joker, its too soon.
This show is just started. He will be introduced when the show is well established.
I rather liked the first series. It was wise not to include the Joker from the off, otherwise every other villain would've been in his shadow.

I was surprised how much I liked the Penguin. Perhaps my favourite character on the show. Apparently Bruce Wayne wasn't going to be in it so much, but the actor did such a good job he got more screen time.
I tried to get into the show but couldn't because I'm not a superhero person -- but I thought the cast did a lot better than I expected, except for Jada-Pinkett. She did about what I expected...
None of them are exactly superhero, not even Bruce Wayne, whose just a little kid at this point. But I get your point, and I'd just like to say that so far not so many are powered. Instead they're super-evil or super-clever on doing evil stuff.
None of them are exactly superhero, not even Bruce Wayne, whose just a little kid at this point. But I get your point, and I'd just like to say that so far not so many are powered. Instead they're super-evil or super-clever on doing evil stuff.

Oh, sure. But I think a lot of the interest for the show is from those that know the backstories or are interested in the characters. So a prequel is fascinating. Which makes sense, I hope it continues for the sake of those that enjoy it. But since I've never been a superhero person, I had a hard time getting involved in any of the characters. I watched maybe eight episodes, and most of that was because I thought the guy playing Penguin did such a good job.
At this stage, it's no secret that Cameron Monaghan will be returning as Jerome for Gotham's second season. Judging by the tease released by Monaghan on Instagram (see our original story below), the show isn't shying away from the Jerome-is-the-Joker theory. Compounding this, Fox even mentioned Joker by name in their season 2 synopsis.

Now, IGN has directly asked showrunner Bruno Heller how the Joker/Jerome will factor into season 2.

"There's definitely some curve balls; life is all about curve balls, and this show is about that," said Heller. "Cameron is coming back. He's playing Jerome. The story we're telling is absolutely the story of how the Joker came to be. More than that, I can't tell you, because I've not yet formulated a clever J.J. Abrams type of way of telling you the truth but avoiding the spoiler."

I was right. The red hood, even though it's a device to bring Joker alive in the first season, it seems that the red haired Jerome's going to be the real Joker in upcoming season. Whether the red hood will feature in his rise is something we have to endure to see in upcoming season.
Any word on when we'll get it in the UK?
Any word on when we'll get it in the UK?

Latest UK Premiere Date
UK Channel: Channel 5

Latest/Next UK Season: 2

Latest/Next UK Premiere Date: No exact date/time - Autumn 2015 (TBC)

Country of Origin: USA

Additional Airing Notes:

Similar to Marvel’s Agents of Shield in that it is set in the superhero world without the superheroes, this is essentially Batman without Batman. However, it does feature a young Bruce Wayne and a number of the well-known Batman characters such as the Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler.

Previous UK Premiere Dates
Season 1 – Channel 5 – 13 October 2014 at 9pm
Season 1 part 2- Channel 5- 16th March 2015
Not too far off then. I hope we don't have another daft mid-season interval again.

Edited extra bit: and thanks :)
Right. The second season isn't about the Joker's rise to the power as it has been named "Rise of the Villains." How silly is that because were there anything else in the last season? Not counting in the last scene where Bruce and Albert finds that "cave."

Cheers for posting these. I did like the Penguin in the first series.
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