What If Napoleon Defeated Great Britain?


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May 24, 2008
Are there any Alternate History titles based on this premise? I've seen plenty where the Nazis win WWII, but none like this.
There are two books by Heather Albano that cover that period in her dystopic clockwork alternate world.


She actually vacillates in time with Napoleon having varying degrees of success. The only troubling part is that though there is some adherence to history in the beginning, because of the clockwork stuff it deviates quickly into the alternate.

Still, it was quite entertaining.
Amazing how far ahead of his time Boney was in politics and conservative in technologies. He dismissed Fulton's steamships as setting his Navy afire and had little use for rifles, even though he knew of some very advanced designs that could have overcome the slow reloading problem
There would be Arch De Triumph in Trafalgar Square?

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