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Nov 11, 2011
This is the first time I decided to make a short story publication announcement! (Not that I have had very many published.) But I was particularly happy about this one.

Pittsburgh PA's local Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror group began publishing an annual anthology of short stories with a different theme every year. It's called Triangulations. It started out as a small publication for local authors, but a few years ago they expanded it to accept stories from around the world.

The theme this year was "Parch." After many years of trying, I finally got a story in! It's called "A Fine Selection of Wines and Poisons."
Congrats, johnnyjet! And, PARSEC too. I'm impressed. They've turned out some good stuff and can be quite demanding.
Thanks, ratsy & Abernovo. Yes, they do seem to be pretty tough. I started going to a local writers group a couple years ago, Pittsburgh Worldwrights, and I think that's helped me, too.
Congratulations! Now that's the second person from here who's been in that anthology, though I can't recall who the first was. I have last year (or some previous year) on my iPad, anyway, and I can't imagine why I would have it if it weren't for that reason. Must check.

Anyway, well done!
Congrats :)
Thanks for all the congrats, everyone! I really appreciate it.

If you find out, Dusty, let me know who else published in Triangulations.
Oh, yes, I can look -- I forgot to check last night and didn't bring my iPad with me today. I'm sure I can figure out which story it was that I bought it for, and then all I have to do is match that name with somebody here. :D

ETA: When I realized your link was on Amazon, I looked at my orders and found the other one -- but I cannot for the life of me figure out which story it was, or if it is indeed someone here. It's this one: in case anyone recognizes any names there. I'll have to look at the stories themselves. Oh, and it's a magazine, not a book like yours.
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Congrats, johhnyjet! How exciting...and how rewarding it must be after your years of hard work. That is my dream, to publish a story someday; it's always so encouraging to hear stories of others here who have fulfilled their dream. Wonderful! CC
I finally figured it out, looking at the stories in the Triangulation magazine that I have. It wasn't that anyone from here got into it, after all -- what happened was that I ran across a submissions window for them, a couple of years ago, and bought one of their magazines to see what kind of stories they liked.

So you are, as far as I know, anyway, the first one here!

Good job. :D
Thanks again for all the congratulations! Makes me feel all warm inside.

I'll make it a point to let everyone know when next year's Triangulation theme is released and when it becomes open for submissions. Then we can see if more Chrons members can get in.
Hey Johnny, do you know if they are selling it for the Kindle?
Hi Ratsy. I'm not sure. I know they have released Kindle editions of certain editions of the Triangulation anthology series in the past. I will contact them and let you know what I find out.

Thanks for the interest.

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