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The dreaded poetry thread...


Deity of Random Weirdness
May 20, 2003
Iowa....enough said.
here it goes...the opportunity to share bad (and good)poetry.
Comments welcome...but be nice ;D Let's wax poetically shall we...

I wrote most of the ones I'll be posting a few years ago...I figure I will use my older ones first :)


I post a message out in cyberspace
and it promptly gets lost in an alien place
little green men came and stole it away
but just wait I'll make them pay
the java is lagging, the memory full
sometimes html seems like a load fo bull
graphics are broken, page won't load
why you piece offal, son of a motherless goat
server unavailable, modem error, link not found
my speakers are turned on but don't make a sound
the monitor freezes, the keyboard won't type
I'll call tech support and gripe
they don't have any answer, haven't got a clue
limited warranty, my system is no longer new
not up to standards, I know how to fix that
I beat in the monitor with an aluminum bat!!!