Captain America Replaced... Again

Perpetual Man

Tim James
Jun 13, 2006
As Wolverine dies and Thor changes gender, the third major 'change' wrought upon the Marvel Universe effects it's oldest character, when Steve Rogers loses the mantle of the star-spangled Avenger once again.

Captain America Replaced

I'm sure it can be argued that Cap has been replaced more than any other character in comics. Hell, in retroactive continuity he was not even the first Cap.

Back in the 1970's Steve Rogers gave up the shield and became the character Nomad; in the 80's he was stripped of his right to wear the costume and became The Captain while he was replaced by the near psychopathic John Walker, and most famously only a few years ago he was shot and kille... lost in the timestream, to be replaced by Bucky Barnes.

So none of this is new, but now we have a major change again, as Steve loses the super soldier serum in his body, his age at last catches up with him and he becomes a 90 year old man. Although still a tactical genius, he can no longer be Captain America, and the mantle will be passed on (As is mentioned in the article most likely to Sam Wilson - The Falcon).
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Wolverine's going to die? Is that even possible? ;)

I quite like that Marvel have the guts to do this to the three characters that have been so fully established in films. (Course I'm fully aware that all of this will most likely be retconned within a year).

Also, Pep, you seem to have created a paradox with your link ;)
A few things I would add about the change:

Waaaaay back in the past Captain America lost the serum from his blood (1980's again). It was a bad story, hardly dramatic at all, but it was pointed out that by this point in time removing the blood and replacing it would not change him, The serum would have permeated every part of his make up. So how are they going to do it this time?

Why has Cap aged to a ninety year old? The serum was not what kept him young, it was spending 50 years in suspended animation. That means he stopped ageing for those fifty years. Removing the serum from his entire makeup would not cause those 50 years to suddenly spring back onto him. If anything Rogers should have started ageing normally the second he was thawed out by the Avengers...
Death is meaningless in the Marvel and DC universes. Wolverine is not dead, just "dead."

...and Steve Rogers will be Cap again.

Honestly, making Thor female for a while (before the character returns to being male, as it inevitably will) is far and away the most interesting of these developments.

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