Which Film and Television Characters Do You Wish Were Real People ?

Cpt. John J. Sheridan from Babylon 5 - Incorruptible and principled.
Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost In the Shell. Very tough and very attractive, becoming something of a cliché nowadays

Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon. I don't think an actual IQ of 300 is possible, but it'd be strange to meet someone who had it if it was.

Celty Sturluson from Durara. Yes, it would be scary if an Irish death goddess really existed, but it would also be neat as hell.
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From the worlds of Gerry Anderson - Colonel Steve Zodiac, Captain Blue....and Agent 21 (Brent Cleever) from the TV21 comics. Commander Straker would be good too (bit difficult to have him and Blue in the same room though)...and Captain Scarlet might as well come along - an indestructible man might be useful. :cool:
Storybrooke and all the characters from Once Upon a Time. I'd like to live there too. And have magic.