Dune series: worth reading?


Jun 13, 2018
Black Hawk, CO
I really love Frank Herbert's Dune, but for some reason I've never really felt tempted to read the rest of the series.

Dune felt like a complete novel in its own way, so I guess I have a stubborn resistance to continuing, in case it upsets my view of the first book.

Now I wonder if I'm just being narrow-minded.

Anybody who's read the rest of Frank Herbert's series - is it worth reading?

I ask, but although I once had a full collection, I think it ended up at a charity shop at one point. I know I had to buy the first book again. :(
I loved all of the Frank Herbert Dune books. They span a very broad stretch of time and I think the first Dune is the most positive. In other words, the characters both new and old go through a lot of struggle, so be prepared for that.

The world is just so well written and the characters so well developed, that I feel they are worth anyone's time. I couldn't put them down. My only regret is that Frank Herbert died before he could get to and through book 7.

I will not recommend anything by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Imo, they make a mockery of Frank Herbert's work.