Short Story Published!

Great story! And a tense that one would think it would be very hard to pull off, but you make it work beautifully! :)

Much appreciated! Yeah, I love second person--ever since I read Bright Lights, Big City as a teenager. And my favorite SF story of the past decade is in second-person ("The Other Graces" by Alice Sola Kim). But it has to be done a certain way, so as not to get in the way, and this is certainly challenging.

I don't remember why I chose it here; I guess it just felt right.
Hi guys -- I'm R. Leigh Hennig, Bastion's editor-in-chief. Hope you don't mind me popping by, but I was checking our site traffic and saw some referrals from this domain and decided to have a look. Very nice forum you have here, and from the looks of things there seems to be some real quality discussion. Looks to be super active, too, which is great. Anyway, just wanted to say how much we really enjoyed G.J.'s story. Just fantastic. G.J.: Glad you're pleased with how it's turned out in the issue, and best of luck to you on your future writing endeavors!

If anyone else is interested, if you send me a PM I'll be happy to send everyone a free copy of the May issue. We're trying to build up our readership since we're such a new market, but I also see that G.J. has a lot of posts here, so obviously this community is important to him. Friends of G.J.'s are friends of mine. Enjoy your weekend, folks!

One other note: we're currently open to submissions, so if you have anything, check out our guidelines on our site.

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