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Jun 4, 2012
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Hey Everyone,

Just want to announce that my short story "Vines" is in the new issue of Bastion Science Fiction Magazine! The issue is available for purchase via Weightless Books, Amazon and Nook in the US, UK and elsewhere (as mobi, ePub or PDF). It appears to be a bit cheaper in the UK for some reason, but you get 6 stories for $2.99/£1.29.

This is my first published story, so I am quite excited! Hope whoever decides to read it enjoys it!

Congrats. (It's weird but nice that we get something cheaper).
Congrats, that is wonderful! Must be such an amazing feeling, to join the long ranks of published SF authors...well done!! :)
Congrats! And I agree with Thaddeus. Cheaper in the UK? That has to be a first!
Well done N.F. It's a joy to see one of your dreams come true.
Great story! And a tense that one would think it would be very hard to pull off, but you make it work beautifully! :)

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