Looking for older book


Apr 13, 2014
Hi all, I am looking for a book that is three stories in one as I remember. One of the stories is about a young girl left in the castle for the winter while her mother goes off, can't remember why. The young girl finds a boy out on one of the roofs in the cold and snow and brings him in. Another part of the book is about these creatures that hang "silks" in the trees where they live, and maybe sing to them? And I don't really remember the last part of the book. I hope someone has read this and can tell me something about the book. Thanks for your help.
Could this be something by Sydney J. Van Scyoc??

Ann Maxwell is another possibility.
I checked those authors and I don't think so, although I will need to take more time with Sydney J. Van Scyoc.
I remembered a little more about why the mother went off. I think she was the queen and had to go somewhere to be changed so that her power would keep the valley warm. I think she went to some high place in the mountains.
Maybe that will jog a memory. I hope. Thanks.
I just checked and the book I am thinking about might be Darkchild. I will be so happy if that is it!!! Thank you very much.
YES!! Thank you so much. I have been thinking of the series," Daughters of the Sunstone" and now I can see if a local book store has it. At last, what a relief.